Team Fluent

We’re a team of marketing, design, technology, research and strategy anoraks.  We love what we do (because we’re good at it). We listen. We give great marketing advice. We will hold your marketing hand and save you sleepless nights. Kung paano*? By getting your brand out there, big time.

Meet some of the fantastic people whose expertise and sense of fun make working with us a pleasurable AND profitable experience.

* Filipino for ‘How’

  • Lisa Stenhouse
    Lisa Stenhouse‘The Boss Lady’

    Lisa founded Fluent Ginger in 2006 and appears to be in charge, most of the time! Translating big brand marketing into campaigns that work for any size business is as much a part of her day as a very large mug of Monmouth coffee. It’s the fizz of creativity mixed with straight-forward business savvy (and a sprinkle of theatricality) that gives Lisa that je ne sais quoi.

    • Jen Nathan
      Jen NathanCreative Director

      Design genius and all-round calming influence, Jen’s 20 years of expertise make her the Godmother of Creative. She gets up at stupid o’clock each morning to look after her horse before focussing the rest of her day on ensuring that our design work not only looks good but works.

      • Matt Purser
        Matt PurserWeb/Digital Specialist - The Grinning Geek

        Eternally grinning and forever a geek, Matt sees life through code and logic. But unlike a Vulcan he actually possesses some semblance of personality too and can speak English as well as nerd making our lives all a lot easier!

        • Chrisi Komodromou
          Chrisi KomodromouTelemarketing Specialist - The Voice

          If we could bottle Chrisi’s telephone voice and sell it we’d be millionaires! Chrisi aka Eartha KITTen can be heard singing just about everywhere – her motto is, “wherever the air be free – Chrisi will fill it with dulcet tonality.”

          • Nick Green
            Nick GreenCopywriter – The Poet

            Nick is a word nut and passionate polymath who’s hopeless at maths. He likes well-built sentences, sunrise over the Himalayas, and baklava. A lot.

            • Pete Stevens
              Pete StevensPhotographer: The Weather Man

              With over 25 years’ experience as a fabulous photographer (he started very young) Pete is also an avid cloud watcher (yes, really!) and gardener. All that fresh air must be good for the creative juices as his camera skills are universally loved by our clients.