Festively Fluent Pondering

Some say it’s overly sentimental but that John Lewis Snow-Couple advert is the clear favourite this year according the Netmums Christmas study. As the festive trading period can be responsible for up to 50% of annual sales, this kind of endorsement is hugely important for retailers. This is the second year that John Lewis has captured the nation’s hearts (and purses) as part of a trend to focus on reassuring family values rather than glamorous extravagance. This annual battle of the big brands is getting bigger each year with over half of respondents to the Netmums survey claiming ads get the whole family into the Christmas spirit (as well as influencing where they buy their presents).

We may well scoff, but by ramping up the seasonal schmaltz factor, John Lewis has tapped into a feeling that could see families spend with them long after the festive decorations have been taken down.

And that’s a stroke of marketing genius!


snowman_clipart_17-150x150                snowman_clipart_family-150x150             snowman_clipart_5-150x150

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