10th Birthday: Top 10 Tips for a Marketing Strategy

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10th Birthday: Top 10 Tips for a Marketing Strategy

It’s our Birthday! Yes, Fluent Ginger has now been speaking marketing for 10 years! Hard to believe that we’ve come so far (and are so much older!).

Over the past 10 years we’ve worked with so many wonderfully diverse businesses; start-ups bursting with enthusiasm about their new product, established companies looking to take the big leap in growth and substantial sized businesses with much heritage and little in the way of marketing!

If there is one thing that every business, whatever its size or ambitions, needs it’s a marketing strategy. Not just a few ideas tagged on the end of a conversation, but an actual document. And something is better than nothing!

On our 10th Birthday we wanted to share the top 10 questions you need to answer to create a simple one-page Marketing Strategy for this year. Think of it as a piece of birthday cake without the sugar-guilt!

  1. What is my reason for existence?
  2. Who is my ideal customer (Target Market)?
  3. What sets me apart (Differentiator)?
  4. What’s most important to my ideal customer when they are buying what I’m selling?
  5. What do I want to accomplish this year?
  6. What are the top 3 things that are going to get me there?
  7. How much will each activity contribute to my revenue/profitability?
  8. What will trigger my ideal customer to think of me?
  9. What campaigns am I running to reach my goal?
  10. How much money will I need to get it done?

Answer these 10 questions and you’ll be able to approach this year’s marketing with clarity and focus. And, if you need us to help you with any marketing over the coming months, having these answers will make it a lot easier for us to do a great job for you!FluentGinger


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