10 years of YouTube unleashing creativity

It’s hard to believe that YouTube has been part of our online landscape for 10 years, even harder to imagine our world without it! Marketing Week has published some interesting articles about YouTube including this one, where EMEA director Ben McOwen Wilson talks about how the platform plans to stay ahead of its competitors for the next 10 years.

As well as allowing ‘ordinary’ people to share footage, YouTube has unleashed brands beyond TV advertising and its constraints; cost being a key factor. You don’t have to be Tesco to have an online advert but you do have to be creative and build a community around your product or service to achieve the ultimate goal… the viral hit!

What YouTube has done is simplified the process of sharing content with anybody who is interested in the subject; what brands need to do to make it an effective marketing channel is make sure the content engages with the target audience. The fluent favourites; relevancy and personalisation spring to mind!

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